Research Grants and Fellowships

Total awarded: $11,680

New Faculty Internal Research Grant (Sam Houston State University, 2023) for Audience dispositions toward racial in- and out-group characters.

  • Principle Investigator
  • Award amount: $1,930

College of Communication Arts and Sciences Dissertation Completion Award (Michigan State University, 2021)

  • Principle Investigator
  • Award amount: $8,000

Strosacker Fellowship (Michigan State University Health and Risk Communication Center, 2020) for The Effect of Norms and Scientific Consensus in Promoting Vaccination Rates in Michigan.

  • Co-principle Investigator
  • Award amount: $1,750

Top Papers

Top Paper Award in the Social Cognitive Division for: Challenge Accepted! The Role of Content Challenge and Self-Control in Spoiler Selection and Anticipated Enjoyment (Ulusoy, Grady, Kryston, Rosenbaum, Johnson, & Eden, 2020) at the 106th annual meeting of the National Communication Association Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Top Paper Award in the Games Division for: Consistent killers or benevolent balancers? Sequential moral decision making in a video game context (Ellithorpe, Eden, Kryston, & Ewoldsen, 2017) at 103rd annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Dallas, TX.

Top Student Paper Award for: Expanding synchrony as a holistic understanding of video game enjoyment (Kryston, 2017) at Video games: A medium that demands our attention Symposium conducted by Broadcast Education Association Conference 2017, Las Vegas, NV.

Research Colloquia & Presentations

Kryston, K. I Watch What You Watch and I Like What You Like: How Social Norms Affect Entertainment’s Appeal. Research presentation delivered as part of 2022 Charles K. Atkin Distinguished Speaker Series, April 15, 2022, Department of Communication, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.